CHICAGO - SEPTEMBER 27: A car drives through the parking lot outside the new Wal-Mart store September 27, 2006 in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago opened its first Wal-Mart today in the wake of a defeated Chicago wage law that would have set the minimum "living wage" requirements for big box stores. Wal-Mart reports that over 15,000 people applied for the 490 jobs available at this west side location and in the month of September they will have created over 6,200 jobs when opening 24 new stores in the U.S. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

A dispute over a parking space at a Florida Walmart got violent earlier this week. 

The attack was captured on camera and you can see a woman on the ground being attacked by another woman. Then another woman runs out of a silver Mercedes and kicks the woman on the ground. The altercation continues and the victim eventually begins fighting with the driver of the Mercedes.  The women in the Mercedes allegedly sped off with the victims purse and cell phone. Police are still working to identify the attackers.


Woman attacked, robbed during parking space dispute outside Walmart in Davie

A parking space dispute turned violent Tuesday outside a South Florida Walmart. Police said the attack, which was caught on camera, occurred Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Walmart on University Drive in Davie. The video shows a woman sitting on the ground while another woman was pulling her hair and punching her several times.