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circa 1925: German weapons being scrapped after World War I. (Photo by General Photographic Agency/Getty Images)

Imagine digging around on your property and coming across not one or two but NINE military-grade explosives buried in your yard?


Such was the case in Wellfleet over the weekend, where the local Fire Department responded to a call on Saturday afternoon from a man who had undertaken a driveway-extension project only to find the stockpile. That led to a call to the State Police Bomb Squad, who determined the ammunition dated back to World War I.


The total haul? Four 12-14 inch armor-piercing anti-tank grenade/shells, three target-shooting type explosives, and two nine-inch anti-tank type grenade/shells, according to this piece.


The explosives were taken to a safe location and detonated, of course. But wouldn’t it have been cool if they let the guy who found them keep one to make his driveway project a little easier?