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An artist in Japan has started hosting funerals for sex dolls for around $800 because some guys have a lot of trouble saying goodbye to their old dolls.

Many sex doll “users” become attached to their love dolls and start to love them like a real person or family member and can’t fathom the idea of just tossing them into the trash or having them shredded when they are no longer needed…or worn out.  The artist who is a transgender porn actress-turned-Buddhist monk, places these silicon loved ones in caskets, swaddle them in burial attire and holds a ceremony complete with candles, undertakers and other “mourning” sex dolls.


Artist hosts sex doll funerals for heartsick owners: 'There was a real need'

An enterprising Japanese artist is catering to heartsick kinksters by holding memorial services for sex dolls that have outlived their use. Many "love them [sex dolls] as if they were human members of their family," according to Leiya Arata, the 30-something founder of the Love Doll Funeral services in Osaka.