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Here’s a good example of why you should mind your own business . . . even if you’re Frederick Heidmann, the mayor of Nisswa, Minnesota.  He was arrested last month for disorderly conduct, and the video has gone viral.

He was filming someone else’s traffic stop . . . it’s not clear why . . . and eventually started arguing with the police.  The video is shot from inside the car that was pulled over . . . and it starts in the middle of the mayor being belligerent with the cop.  When he tells the officer that he’s not qualified for the job he gets arrested.  The person in the car who posted the clip wrote that the mayor “seemed inebriated.”

Nisswa Mayor Arrested for Involvement in Traffic Stop || ViralHog

Occurred on August 29th, 2020 / Nisswa, Minnesota, USA "We were pulled over for our window tint while a random man approached the police and seemed inebriate...