This year’s U.S. Open will take place at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York, but you might think it’s Bushwood Country Club thanks to a very familiar face.

Michael O’Keefe, the actor who played Danny Noonan in the comedy classic Caddyshack, is serving as the caddy for Danny Balin during his practice rounds at the U.S. Open. He’s even wearing a Bushwood hat for good measure.

So, how did this happen? O’Keefe wrote an op-ed for offering up his caddy services stating, “I had caddied at Winged Foot in 1971 and 1972, having grown up only 15 minutes away, in the village of Larchmont. Now, almost a half-century later, I’m ready to take my caddying to the next level. I’m serving notice that I’m available for, interested in and worthy of carrying a bag for any professional (or amateur) in the field at this year’s U.S. Open.”

O’Keefe adds, “While I wouldn’t be hitting any shots at Winged Foot Open, I do pledge to give advice — both solicited and unsolicited — to the golfer who gives me the chance to loop for him.”

As if that weren’t enough, O’Keefe also wrote, “…Think of the bonus of having your caddie razzed with shouts and hisses of ‘Noonan!’ while you putt (not by the fans, mind you, because there won’t be any — I mean by the players). Who could ask for more?”

Well, Spaulding did, and he got nothing and liked it. Regardless, we hope O’Keefe has some fun this week!

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