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It seems too much of a good thing can be bad. Debbie Horton is now confined to a wheelchair after claiming part of her spine “collapsed” due to her size 42-L boobs…which are natural, by the way.

Horton claims that the weight of her boobs are constantly pulling down on her causing pain every day.   Horton was a fitness fanatic, even competing in triathlons and has had corrective spinal surgeries that have not eased her pain.  She hopes a breast reduction surgery will fix her issues, but that surgery will not be covered.  She hopes that the gofundme her friend helped setup will raise enough money to cover the procedure.


My massive 42L boobs caused my spine to 'COLLAPSE' and left me wheelchair-bound

FOR Debbie Horton every day is a misery, as she is plagued by constant pain. The 26-year-old says her 42L boobs are so big, that they've caused part of her spine to "collapse". She is now confined to a wheelchair, and is begging for help to relieve her agony.