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The Batman Arkham series from Rocksteady Studios changed the ways we look at and play superhero games. They’ve become the most iconic Batman game to date and paved the way for the success of the Spider-Man game on the PlayStation 4. Now, they’re inspiring an entire wave of superhero games from Marvel’s Avengers to the Suicide Squad. Next, you’ll be able to play as other heroes in the Batman Family in the new game Gotham Knights.
Batman Is Dead
At the beginning of the trailer announced at the DC FanDome event, Bruce Wayne appears on screen to tell the Bat-Family that he’s likely died. It won’t be long until the criminals of the city notice he’s not there and someone needs to step up. Despite not being set in the Arkham Universe, Gotham Knights is a successor to the Arkham games in its design. Many of the mechanics from combat to stealth are carried over. But the big draw of the game is who you get to play as.
Meet the Bat Family
Gotham Knights
The game allows you to play as any of these four heroes as they step in place of Batman to protect Gotham City. The game will be opened world just like previous Arkham games and allow for co-operative player. That means you can play through the game single-player, switching from character to character. Or you can join a friend and tackle the missions together. It’s still unclear if you get to team up with the other members even if you’re playing solo. But if the game allows you to choose any character to play and team up with, the replay value alone based hero interaction will be very high. The game currently plans to launch sometime in 2021.
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