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The mom of a 6-year-old in the UK alleges that her daughter started choking after biting into a chicken nugget.  Upon examination the mom found that there was material from face masks cooked into the nugget. The mom checked the rest of the chicken nuggets and found another one had blue face mask material hanging out.  She reported her findings to the restaurant and she was offered a full refund, an apology and asked for the nuggets back so they could investigate.


"My daughter choked on a Chicken McNugget and there was face mask in it"

The mum of a six year old girl who began choking while eating McDonald's chicken nuggets says she found blue face mask material inside. Horrified Laura Arber, 32, took three of her four children to the North Lane branch in Aldershot at around 6pm on Tuesday (August 4) and after picking up the order headed back to the family home to enjoy their meal.