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A Chinese man that had been suffering from an intestinal blockage for a while nearly died after eating a hearty meal.

The man had eaten a BIG bowl of wontons, he then heard a bang come from his insides and felt a sharp belly pain.  He was rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery to fix his ruptured bowels. When doctors went in they discovered the man’s entire abdominal cavity was filled with feces and found a 1.2inch hole in the man s colon.


Man's blocked bowel 'explodes' after he ate a big bowl of dumplings

The patient, 63, heard a bang coming from inside his body after a hearty dinner He felt sharp belly pain and was rushed to a hospital in Huai'an in eastern China The man had suffered from bowel obstruction for over a year and his colon burst Medics saved his life by removing 3,000 millilitres of faeces and liquid from him A Chinese man with a long-term intestinal illness has nearly died after his blocked bowel burst following a hearty dinner.