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Dave & Chuck the Freak

Weekdays 5:30am-10:30am

Dave & Chuck The Freak’s
Arcade Emporium

Looking for new ways to waste your time, well Dave & Chuck The Freak have what you need…with Dave & Chuck The Freak’s Arcade Emporium!


Download today for FREE in the
App Store and Google Play

You can download this game for FREE at The App Store and Google Play.  Once you have the game you can start playing all the games in the arcade including Hot Pursuit, Dave’s Sex Bed, Mansion Mayhem, Butt Blast, and more!


About Red Piston Inc:

Red Piston Inc are the game developers that produced Dave & Chuck The Freak’s Arcade Emporium.  Red Piston not only specializes in Game Development but they can also handle anything you need for web development, social media, and more.  Plus they can create Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Experiences customized just for you.  To check out everything they have to offer, go to