A mother and a daughter got stuck inside an elevator inside of their 4-story house in China.  There was no phone and they were unable to call anyone for help.  

The only way they were able to get help was after the daughter climbed out of the elevator.  They had been trapped inside the elevator for 4 days and the only reason they survived was by collecting their urine and drinking it.

They didn’t have any kind of cups or containers so they gathered the liquid by cupping their hands together while the opposite person was urinating, then drank it.


Mother and daughter survive by drinking each other's urine

The pair were stuck in a broken lift built inside their four-storey house in China They were trapped there for four days and unable to call anyone without a phone The mother and daughter collected and drank each other's urine to remain alive Firefighters rescued them after the daughter climbed out of the lift to seek help An 82-year-old Chinese woman and her 64-year-old daughter have survived being stuck in a broken lift for four days by collecting and drinking each other's urine.