Sunday (July 19th) is National Ice Cream Day.

To celebrate, Google decided to find out what flavor ice cream has been searched for the most in each of the 50 states over the last week.

For the New England states, Massachusetts had “Cookie Monster,” which we hadn’t heard of before Google released the list. Rhode Island was undecided with Neapolitan, New Hampshire went for Black Raspberry, and Maine had a hankering for Strawberry. Connecticut picked Peaches and Cream, and Vermont went with chocolate.

Vanilla might seem plain but many states had it on the top of the list. Colorado, Louisana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming.

Peach ice cream was a hit in Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Some unique flavors made the list too. Montana searched for Huckleberry ice cream the most. Californians and Hawaiians were trying to find Boba ice cream and people in Arizona googled Bubble Gum ice cream.