Asking Alexandria, like many bands before them, have had some interesting encounters with fans, and Ben Bruce recalled one very graphic encounter in a new interview.

Bruce and Danny Worsnop recently did a Q&A with Metal Hammer and were asked, “What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever given you?”

Bruce’s response? “Someone did present their penis to sign and rather comically handed us one of those mini Sharpies to sign it with. We couldn’t have done that today.”

Worsnop also recalled another strange fan encounter many years ago.

Worsnop said, “Before we did meet and greets, back in 2008, we were going out to the merch table and meeting fans ’cos there were only like 20 of them per show. Someone pulled a knife out and asked me to carve my name in them.”

So, what did we learn today? If you ask a band to sign your junk or carve their name on you, they’ll likely not do it, but they will remember the moment.

Oh, and if you want a band’s name carved on you, grow up and just do it yourself like Slayer fans have done for years.


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