A pub owner in England has taken some intense steps to ensure patrons are practicing social distancing.

Per CNN, Jonny McFadden runs the Star Inn in St. Just, Cornwall put up an electric fence around the bar area to make sure customers keep their distance from his bartending staff.

At first, McFadden thought to use “some rope or chain” to help with social distancing, but he didn’t think it would do much good. So, McFadden chose to use the electric fence instead “to see what that does.”

McFadden said, “It’s not on, but it’s got the desired effect that everybody thinks it’s on and they keep well away from it. It’s the fear factor. It’s working very well.”

He added that the patrons thought the sign was “quite comical” and, “We’re in a rural area so everybody knows what an electric fence is. I got a little sign too on it – ‘electric, danger.”

Pubs in England were allowed to reopen back on July 4. As part of the country’s coronavirus tracking efforts, customers must give the pubs they visit their contact information so they can be reached if they were in the pub with someone who later tested positive for COVID-19.

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