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The Coronavirus pandemic has caused the world to go into lockdown and force people to practice social distancing. With social distancing being practiced it might be a bit difficult to participate in some sexual relationships…introducing: the socially distanced strap-on, a 3 foot sex toy.

A guy came up with the idea for a social distancing sex toy while talking to his friends that are still dating about how they would handle sexual interactions while also trying to practice social distancing.  Now he has launched a fundraiser to get enough money to start manufacturing prototypes. You can contribute to that here.

Man launches fundraiser for one-metre strap-on dildo

Support (read: sex) bubbles might become obsolete, as one man is on a mission to provide pandemic-safe sex for all - with the help of an unusual product. Introducing: the socially distanced strap-on, a one-metre sex toy. Are we terrified of this monstrosity of a dildo? A little bit.