If you’re missing festivals or live music (so, literally everyone) and are feeling nostalgic for ’90s rock, there’s some good news.

The U.K. site Monkeon has created a generator that will kick out a festival bill comprised of YouTube videos of popular musical performances from the 1990’s.

The subhead of the ’90s Festival generator reads, “A randomly generated line-up of bands who played a UK festival in the 1990s. Click a name to see/hear some archive live footage!”

When you click on the generator, it produces two different festival stage “lineups.” To add to the ’90s nostalgia, the stages even have era-appropriate names including “The Blockbuster Video Stage,”  “The Kellogg’s Corn Pops Stage” and “The Microsoft Bob Stage.”

To fall down this delightful video rabbit hole, head over to Monkeon.co.uk.

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