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Credit should be given to a group of Canadian teens who got hammered during a sleepover on Saturday. While they may be too young to drink, at least they were responsible enough to realize they were far too drunk to drive. So when one of them passed out and needed to be taken to a hospital, the group was forced to improvise.

After finding a wheelbarrow, the youths loaded their wasted friend into it and set out for Princeton General Hospital, according to Royal Canadian Mounted Police Sergeant Rob Hughes. And it was no easy journey, either. “There’s a pretty steep hill to push up,” Hughes says.

Eventually, the boys were able to flag down a passing ambulance, which brought their buddy the rest of the way. But that’s where their luck ran out. Hughes says officers contacted each of the teen’s parents and told them what their kids had been up to. “Parents, if your kids are going to be staying over at someone’s house, speak to those other parents and confirm,” Hughes says.


Princeton teens transport unconscious friend to hospital in wheelbarrow - police say alcohol was a factor - Princeton Similkameen Spotlight

Kids eventually flag down passing ambulance A group of teenagers attempted to transport an unconscious friend to Princeton General Hospital, using a wheelbarrow, when they flagged down a passing ambulance. Alcohol was a factor, according to RCMP Sgt. Rob Hughes. The incident occurred Saturday July, 4, around 8:30 p.m.