A 30-year-old guy in Guangdong, China went to the hospital last week with an emergency . . . he had a 16-inch DEAD FISH stuck in his rectum.  How did it get there?  The guy swore it happened by, quote, “sitting on it by accident.” The surgeons had to remove it by cutting into the guy’s stomach because the fish was so big.  There’s no word on how his recovery is going.


Doctors had to remove a dead fish from the rectum of a patient

The 30-year-old went to a hospital in China after having abdominal pain Doctors were shocked to find a fish inside his body during an X-ray scan The man said the fish slipped into his backside after 'he sat on it by accident' Gruesome footage shows medics removing the dead fish from the patient A 30-year-old man in China has had a whole fish removed from his rectum after he had allegedly sat on it by accident.