The Rolling Stones’ new song “Living in a Ghost Town” provided the soundtrack for a new video from the U.K.’s Royal Ballet Theater.

A number of the company’s dancers took to empty streets to perform choreography near various venues that are currently shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. One of the choreographers/directors of the video below is Melanie Hamrick, who’s Mick Jagger’s girlfriend.

The purpose of the video is to help raise funds for the Royal Ballet company and other theatre companies in the U.K. who are currently struggling due to closures from COVID-19 .

The video’s caption on YouTube reads, “Without more help and support from the UK government, our arts industry as we know it will cease to exist. We have made this short dance video to raise awareness for our theatres and institutions that need your support. Acting for Others is a network of fourteen charities that provide financial and emotional support for theatre workers. Please consider donating to this vital organization while we wait for our curtains to rise again. No amount is too small… Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

To donate, head over to

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