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A plastic surgeon in Miami is now offering drive-thru Botox injections.

Michael Salzhauer, otherwise known as “Dr Miami,” came up with the idea when he was waiting in line at a drive thru COVID-19 testing site. He is now running a clinic for the Botox injections out of the garage of his practice. They still screen pateints and have them sign up online to keep them safe.

The areas he will treat with the Botox are the upper face and other parts that aren’t covered by a mask.


Plastic surgeon in Florida offering drive-thru Botox to quarantined residents

A Miami plastic surgeon is offering drive-through Botox for quarantined residents. Michael Salzhauer, otherwise known as "Dr Miami," has been running a clinic for injections in the garage of his Florida home. The plastic surgeon told Reuters he came up with the idea when he was sitting in his car at a drive-through site to get tested for coronavirus antibodies.