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Last month, music website Bandcamp waived cut of sales for an entire day so artists on the site would get more money. They’re doing it again on Friday, June 5.


Bandcamp writes:

“Today, from midnight to midnight Pacific Time, we’re waiving our share of sales to support artists impacted by Covid-19. Below you’ll find a list of artists and labels preparing special releases for Friday, including those donating their share to organizations in support of racial justice and change.

Also, we want to remind everyone that on Friday, June 19th, we’ll be donating 100% of our share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to support their work. More info here.”


The list they mentioned is here. There’s also a list circulating of over 1000 black artists, producers, and labels that have a presence on Bandcamp; you can find that list here.


I’ve been a long-time proponent of Bandcamp: they’re the digital platform that does the most for artists. So this is totally in line with what they do, and I’m happy to help get the word out. Click here to start discovering music. Oh, and you can check out my Bandcamp page here to see (and hear) what I’ve been listening to lately.