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If you’ve ever wanted to hear what “My Hero” from Foo Fighters would sound like without Dave Grohl on drums, here’s your chance.


A bit of background: during the recording sessions for 1997’s The Colour And The Shape, Foo stickman William Goldsmith tracked all the drum parts. The story from there goes that producer Gil Norton wasn’t high on Goldsmith’s performance and convinced Grohl to re-record the drum tracks, which he did. Goldsmith left the band shortly thereafter, and was eventually replaced by current Foo drummer Taylor Hawkins.


The demo below is from 1996, when the band booked studio time in Seattle to record between tour dates. The demos feature Goldsmith on drums, and one of the songs they recorded is “My Hero.” So while we’ll likely never hear the original version of The Colour And The Shape with William Goldsmith behind the kid, this gives us an idea of what it sounded like. Pretty cool!


Foo Fighters - 1996 Demo (William Goldsmith on Drums)

According to FooFightersLive: "Foo Fighters toured extensively throughout 1995 and during occasional downtime or at sound checks the band would come up with ...