A robot walks into a bar…no it’s not the beginning of a joke, it’s what’s happening in Seoul, South Korea, as people are trying to get back to everyday life after being on strict lockdown due to the Coronavirus.

Robot-bartenders are popping up behind the bar, making cocktails and carving ice, quicker and more efficiently than their human counterparts.

“I think they would feel safer if the robot makes and serves the ice rather than if we were to do it ourselves,” said bartender Choi Won-woo.

Although some bar managers are pleased with the consistency of the drinks that the robots provide, one customer pointed out the problem with robots behind bars, “It’s a little disappointing that you can’t talk to the bartenders,” said 21-year-old university student Moon Seong-Eun, “One of the good things about going to a bar to drink is that you can chat to them about the drinks or about my worries.”

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