Adam 12

11am - 4pm

For the months of April and May 2020, I was broadcasting from my bedroom, working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.


I wasn’t joking about the broadcasting from my bedroom bit. The bed was my studio and my cat, Luna, was my “producer.” Fat lot of good that did. She’s sweet, but shiftless.


While I was working from home, my kids were “at school” downstairs. We still found plenty of time to have fun, though, like on Family Game Night. I cashed in on a Deal in Pay Day!


We spent plenty of time outside, too. They rode their bikes and I rode my board. The drawback was I could barely keep up with them. The plus side? Cruising old-man style meant I didn’t fall and break anything!


The skateboard wasn’t cutting it, so I picked up a beat-up old BMX on Craigslist. Best $50 I’ve spent in a long while.


I tried some baking, too. Here’s the beginning stages of my Nana’s banana bread recipe. It came out OK.


Lots of walks and hikes, too. And the occasional halfway decent-looking pic.


I can see you, Boston! I’ll be back soon!


I need a haircut. But do I really? You can’t see me, so what does it matter? You can hear me, though, weekdays from 11a-4p. Talk to you soon; see you later.