There is a new cereal hack taking over the internet that claims to make your bowl of cereal more enjoyable, plus a potato chip company is doing something different with their potato chip flavors!

The Internet Claims Cereal Is Better If You Put It in the Freezer Before Adding Milk

People online are claiming that cereal is WAY better if you put it in the freezer before you add milk. A bunch of TikTok users posted videos, so a writer at BuzzFeed tried it.  She was skeptical, but said it really does make a difference.


People Are Putting Their Bowl Of Cereal In The Freezer Before Eating It And Saying It Slaps

Obviously, I had to try it. User @acebking swears that it's delicious, so other people started to try it. I really am trying to work out the hype of this in my head, but I just don't get it! So in the name of science, I decided to try it myself.

A Snack Company’s New “Flavor Mix” Chips Combine Two Types of Chips in One Bag

Maybe we’ve finally run out of new potato chip flavors.  Because the newest idea is to just mash them together and see what people think.  The snack company Herr’s is now selling “Flavor Mix” chips that combine TWO types of chips into one bag.

They’ve got three combinations:  Barbecue with Salt & Vinegar . . . Cheddar with Sour Cream & Onion . . . and Red Hot with Honey Barbecue.  But they’re not just dumping the two types of chips into one bag.  Apparently each chip has BOTH flavors on it.

As of now, they’re a “limited time only” thing.  So unless they’re a hit, they’ll be gone in September.


Herr's Released 'Flavor Mix' Bags Of Chips That Combine Flavors Like Salt And Vinegar With Barbecue

Choosing a bag of chips for a picky household can be tough. Herr's is changing the game, though, and is mixing it's popular flavors together into one bag on chips. Next time you're at the store, you might as well bring home one of each.