A picture of a priest squirting people with a water gun of holy water during a drive-thru service in Michigan is going viral.

The squirt gun blessings happened back in April but the photos have started going viral now.  Even sparked a reddit photoshop battle.

St. Ambrose Parish

It's an internet law: once a post or photo about you goes viral, you... must end up in a meme. Now it's happened to Fr. Tim, who wowed the world with his unique holy water squirt gun, blessing food on Holy Saturday. Now he stars in some pretty clever memes, found on Reddit and Imgur.



This Priest Squirted Holy Water At Churchgoers At A Socially-Distanced Service And He's Now A Meme

Father Tim Pelc tries to stay off social media when possible, but recently, it's become unavoidable. Thanks to the photos from his socially-distanced Holy Week service in Michigan, which involved a water gun full of Holy Water, Pelc has become a meme.