One of the first strip clubs to reopen in the country is in Wyoming.  The strippers are wearing masks . . . and keeping them on, even as they take off their clothes.

Because Wyoming had so few coronavirus cases state health officials allowed most businesses to reopen and have a looser approach.  At this gentlemen’s club, hand sanitizer is everywhere, but dancers are also touching patrons and exchanging cash, which can carry the virus. Would you go to the strip club if the dancers were still wearing masks?


Pole dancing and hand sanitizer: Wyoming strip club reopens with 'masks on, clothes off' party

CHEYENNE, Wyo. - Cleo counts out crumpled dollars, straightening the bills as she stacks them neatly on her bare leg. "Twenty-two dollars," the 23-year-old exclaims. "Not too bad!" All around her, more than a dozen nearly naked women are dancing on the stage and swinging from a brass pole as music thumps and customers shower the dancers with money.