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NEW YORK - JANUARY 24: (U.S. TABS OUT) (L to R) Ross Godfrey (L) and Skye, of the group Morcheeba, sit during an interview for "120 Minutes" on MTV2 at the MTV Times Square Studios January 24, 2003 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images)

Last week, we dove into hours and hours of vintage ’80s MTV VHS Tapes. This week, we head back to MTV for even more back-in-the-day goodness.


The 120 Minutes Archive bills itself as “the independent, critically acclaimed, definitive library of music video nostalgia.” And it fits the bill. Starting in 1986 and stretching all the way through 2013, the Archive features playlists and music videos from MTV’s cult favorite new music program 120 Minutes.


Click here to access the archive. I’ve shared one of my favorite clips below.

Beck, Mike D. and Thurston Moore... jam?

Thurston Moore interviews Mike D. along with Beck before all three 'jam' together. 1994 Notable for many reasons but take note of the birthday wish to Kurt C...