Portland police responded to a break in at a transit station Snack Shack. When officers arrived the suspect fled to a nearby grocery store.  Responders found him in the back storeroom and had to tase him after he pretended like he was going to shoot them.

The suspect was 36 year-old Matthew Joseph Medlin and has a history of breaking the law.  Past offenses include licking faces, biting cops, vandalizing cars, and escaping from prison.  What is interesting about this suspect is his unique face tattoos. He was arrested and charged with criminal mischief, resisting arrest, and other charges.


SEE IT: Man with face tattoos and a history of face-licking busted again

A man with a face completely covered with tattoos was reportedly Tased by Portland, Ore., police after leading officers on a chase that ended with the suspect pretending he was going to shoot the cops in a grocery store stockroom.