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Police in India rushed to the scene of what they thought was an attempted bank robbery.

Officers in New Delhi rushed to a State Bank of India near the country’s palace.  When they arrived there was no suspect to be found so they reviewed CCTV security footage and discovered that the culprit was a monkey!  You can see the monkey climb onto the machine and bust it open.

Monkey tries to rob an ATM

Monkey Heist???????? A video of an ATM 'robbery' has sparked hilarious reactions among people because of the unusual culprit behind the 'crime'. It's a...


Bank is 'robbed' by a monkey in India

State Bank of India ATM located close to presidential palace hit by a 'thief' Police were called after the front of the machine was pulled open Wednesday Officers reviewed CCTV and found the robber was actually a curious monkey Police in India's capital rushed to the scene of a suspected bank robbery near the country's presidential palace - only to discover it was a bit of monkey business.