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Last month, Puddle Of Mudd‘s cringeworthy version of Nirvana‘s “About A Girl” was making the rounds. This cover version is decidedly less cringe-y.


Nashville indie rockers Bully took on “About A Girl” not in response to the Puddle Of Mudd version, but so they’d have a single to release last Friday when Bandcamp waived all fees to support artists struggling during the Coronavirus crisis. Check it out below.

About a Girl / Turn to Hate, by Bully

About a Girl / Turn to Hate by Bully, released 01 May 2020 1. About a Girl 2. Turn to Hate Normally during this time I'd be running around trying to promote the upcoming record and rehearsing to get ready to tour again but given the circumstances I'm trying to work with what I can do at home alone.

And while we’re throwing around grungy covers, here’s a bonus one for you: Dinosaur Jr taking on Ram Jam’s “Black Betty.” Just because.