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Heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne spreads his legs as he is held by MTV executive producer Julian Goldberg (L) and MTV VJ J.J. Jackson, circa 1982. Osbourne announced that he would establish a scholarship fund in the name of guitarist Randy Rhoads. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Now you can pretend your Coronavirus quarantine is what your life was in 1980s: staying at home all day long and watching videos on MTV.


A savvy Internet Archive user and avid MTV VHS collector has uploaded their 80s MTV VHS Recordings 1981 to 1989 Collection to the website. They write: “This is my personal collection of 80’s MTV VHS recordings. I’ve been collecting recordings of full, unedited, WITH commercials & especially the VJs for years.”


Martha Quinn, Alan Hunter, JJ Jackson…they’re all here, setting up all the music videos you used to watch on MTV back in the day. The archive is requiring account log-ins to access the streams, as the project has become so popular, but it’s free to create an account. So click here, start streaming, and say: “I want my MTV!”