Rock and roll is a dirty business. Just ask Lzzy Hale.

In a new Q&A with Metal Hammer, the Halestorm frontwoman was asked, “What’s the most cringy thing a man has ever asked you at a show?” Her answer? Well, it didn’t disappoint.

“I’m immune to a lot of it now but a couple of months ago, a guy wanted me to sign his bare ass,” said Hale. ” I initially said, ‘Really? It’s gonna ruin my Sharpie!’ But he looked at it like it was a sort of rite of passage that would complete his life, so I ended up doing it and he didn’t drop his pants totally down, he just showed me a cheek. It did in fact ruin my Sharpie though, because it was a little sweaty there.”

Two thoughts: 1. EW! and 2. RIP to that Sharpie. However, Hale continued and mentioned another tale involving “that time of the month.”

“Another time, a fan gave me a letter and an envelope with a tampon inside,” said Hale. “They asked if I could use that tampon next time that time comes for me, then tweet them so they could feel closer to me. That was a little cringy but somebody went to the effort to think about it. There’s no amount of education that could’ve prepared me for that!”

Halestorm, like every other band right now, is laying low at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, if you’re itching for some live Halestorm fun, the band recently shared a virtual reality concert to their YouTube channel that can be viewed below.

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