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Babe Ruth (George Herman Ruth, 1895 - 1948) American professional baseball player for the Boston Red Sox, mid 1910s. (Photo by Topical Press Agency/Getty Images)

Here we are, on the eve of what would be Opening Day at Fenway Park. Coronavirus has put that on hold, but there’s still baseball to watch.


Have time to kill? Of course you do! We’re all staying at home. Are you a baseball fan, too? Well, you’re in luck. PBS has made the 1994 Ken Burns documentary Baseball free to stream right here. It’s 18 hours long, so if you watch a little every day, you can make it last. Or, you can treat it like a Sox-Yankees four-game series and break it up into four, 4 1/2 hour chunks. Whatever works for you.

Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns

Home Video Trailer from PBS