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Quarantine or not, we still need our frothy coffee . . . which is why this three-ingredient creamy coffee drink has gone viral.  The recipe is from South Korea and it’s surprisingly easy to make.  All you need is instant coffee, sugar, and water.

You put an equal amount of each into a bowl and then whip it together with an electric hand mixer until it’s creamy enough to pour on top of some milk.  You can also mix it by hand, although it takes longer.

달고나커피, 400번 저어먹는 커피

★안녕하세요~^^ 오늘은 편스토랑에 나온 400번 저어 만든다 달고나 커피를 만들어 봤는데요... 흠 전 400번이 아니라 1000번 정도 저은 거 같아요....저 진짜 팔뚝 사라지는줄 알았어요 ???????? 2큰술 비율로 만들면 머그컵2잔 정도 나와요 ㅎ 그리고 아이스가 더 맛있답니다 ^...