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Let’s face it, being home sucks and since most of us are on Day 7 or more of social distancing, we’ve quickly realized how many people we take for granted. No, we’re not just talking about your family and friends, we’re talking about the front line workers right now. The Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Truck Drivers, Scientists, Grocery Store Employees, Admin Professionals, First Responders, the list goes on and on.

These people are the heroes right now and while we all may not have the monetary means to donate to purchase more hospital supplies, tip double what we normally would for a delivery, etc. We CAN continue to thank them. A simple “thank you” goes a long way.

Do you have someone in your life that has been a hometown hero? Maybe it’s the neighbor who checked in on your elderly parents, the Amazon Driver who delivered diapers to your home for your newborn baby, the grocery store employee who helped you find your favorite food item before it ran out, the doctor next door who you see come home from work after a chaotic day at the hospital. We want to hear about your hometown hero so fill out your short story in the form below.

Each day, ROCK 92.9’s Adam 12 will shoutout a couple of hometown heroes on air between 11a-4pm. Don’t forget, not all heroes wear capes.