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With a majority of the world taking caution and staying inside to avoid contracting or spreading the COVID-19 virus, anyone who planned to spend their time practicing social distancing with a silicone sex partner may be in for more bad news!

Owners of adult novelty stores that stock full size sex dolls are selling out of stock.  Lonely clients seeking a silicone love partner during their coronavirus lockdown have been buying them up and with a majority of them being made in China. Since those factories are not operating at the moment it could be some time before new dolls are restocked or new parts are available.


Coronavirus lockdown hitting supplies of sex dolls as Chinese factories close

Anyone hoping to buy themselves a sex doll to help while away weeks of isolation as the whole world goes into coronavirus lockdown is in for a disappointment. The vast majority of the world's sex dolls are made in factories in China. Factories which are, unsurprisingly, not operating at present.