Black Sabbath fronted by Michael Bolton?! Yes, this was very much a possibility.

In a lengthy interview with Gibson (as transcribed by Metal Wani), Tony Iommi reflected on finding a new singer once Ronnie James Dio left Sabbath. “So, there was a lot looking for another singer, and we would audition various singers, including Michael Bolton,” said Iommi. “Believe it or not, he was one of them, which was an odd one. It just went on a bit, and we couldn’t decide.”

While Sabbath would end up bringing Ian Gillan on board at this time in their history, Bolton, oddly enough, has denied he ever auditioned for Sabbath. In a 2014 interview with U.K.’s Echo News, Bolton said his Sabbath audition was “…only a rumor. I don’t know how on Earth it started.”

Regardless of who you believe, at least we’ll always have clips of Bolton from his time with the failed rock band Blackjack, not to mention the gem that is 1983’s “Fools Game.”

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