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The director of “The Batman,” Matt Reeves revealed at short little video reveal of Robert Pattinson as Batman in the upcoming film.

It’s a very short clip, less than a minute and the shot is very dimly lit with a red light, but you can see the Bat suit and identify that it’s Robert Pattinson. What do you think? Does this change your mind if you had any doubts on Pattisons ability to play the role?

Screen test Robert Pattinson as "The Batman" Suit | Matt Reeves (2021)

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Robert Pattinson's 'Batman' Suit Revealed by Director Matt Reeves

Director Matt Reeves revealed the first look at Robert Pattinson as Batman in his upcoming " The Batman." In the new footage, set to an ominous score by composer Michael Giacchino, Pattinson steps into a dark frame saturated in red light, as his sleek and angular Batman suit slowly comes into focus.