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BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA, AUGUST 14: A petrol station lists its prices as customers fill their car tanks on August 14, 2019, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. President of Argentina Mauricio Macri announced this morning economic measures to cut income taxes for workers, a boost on child-care benefits, special conditions for small and medium-sized companies and freeze fuel prices for 90 days after two days of economic turmoil following Sunday's 11th primary Presidential elections. (Photo by Ricardo Ceppi/ Getty Images)

A new employee at a gas station in New Jersey stole more than $17,000 worth of stuff on his FIRST SHIFT last month.  And he also stole his employment folder . . . so no one knows his name.  The cops are trying to track him down with a surveillance picture.

Hamden Gas Station Employee Accused of Stealing Items Worth $17k on First Day

Hamden police are trying to identify a gas station employee who allegedly stole more than $17,000 worth of items on his first day of work. Officers were called to Go on Gas on Arch Street late last month after getting a report of a larceny.