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February 4, 1980. The Ramones release ‘End of the Century,’ their first (and last) album helmed by the legendary producer Phil Spector.


From the get-go, the pairing was a match made in hell. Spector, who had revolutionized studio production in the 1960s with his “Wall of Sound” approach, did the same with the Ramones: overdubs, echo chambers, orchestras. The Ramones were fast workers; Spector was slow and deliberate. The long days in the studio fractured the band, leading to clashes with Spector who, according to Dee Dee Ramone, pulled a gun.


Even with all the “agony and frustration,” the band ended up with a pretty good record. I’m a Ramones fan through and through, and this is an album that I come back to regularly because it doesn’t sound like anything else they ever did. “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,” “Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?,” and “Chinese Rock” are standouts; “I’m Affected” is my personal fave. Give it a spin to celebrate 40 years. Just keep your gun holstered.