If something was popular in the ’90s, it’s pretty much guaranteed to get a reboot today.  Here’s the latest . . .

DUNKAROOS cookies are coming back.  They were discontinued in 2012, but General Mills decided to bring them back because, quote, “We wanted to help kids of the ’90s relive their childhood with this popular snack in all its dunking glory.” They’ll hit stores this summer with one flavor:  Vanilla cookies you dip into vanilla frosting with rainbow sprinkles.


Dunkaroos are coming back to the US this summer - and '90s kids are rejoicing and freaking out online

Dunkaroos, the beloved cookies-and-cream snacks from the 1990s, are coming back to US stores this summer. The General Mills snack was first introduced in 1992 and discontinued in the US in 2012. Fans of the '90s snack have taken to social media to voice their excitement about its return this summer.