This was a patient that stunned ER doctors and an OBGYN when she came in to the hospital. A Mesa, AZ woman had something stuck inside her bladder and required emergency surgery.

The woman had been using her vibrator necklace with her boyfriend (she claims outside her body like the device is intended) when suddenly the sex toy disappeared and neither the woman or her boyfriend could find it…but the woman could definitely still feel it.

The device was still going off, but was inside her body and no one could retrieve it. They rushed to the ER and the staff there couldn’t find it inside her either the staff then realized that the vibrator must have been in her bladder.  They had to surgically remove it.


Arizona woman gets emergency surgery after vibrator gets stuck in her bladder

MESA, AZ ( 3TV/CBS 5) - An Arizona woman is recovering from surgery after getting a sex toy stuck in her bladder. It's a case that stunned emergency room doctors and an OBGYN, and that woman spoke out to Arizona's Family warning others about the product she used.