Doctors have successfully replaced a British man’s severed thumb with his big toe. A man that worked at a shoe repair shop was involved in a horrific accident while he was trimming a heel off a shoe and is hand got snagged in the machine.  It completely severed his thumb off.  The man claims that if happened so fast he didn’t feel any pain and he calmly shut down the equipment.  Asked co-workers to call for an ambulance.  Then went outside to smoke a cigarette while he waited for EMT.

Doctors ended up replacing his thumb with one of his toes.  After some recovery he is back at work again and cobbling like a pro.


Cobbler's thumb cut off during shoe accident, replaced by his big toe

Doctors can do amazing things these days. After losing his thumb in a horrific shoe repair accident, David Lee thought he was going to lose his job. Fortunately, doctors were able to find a replacement ... on his foot. It was his big toe. Now, after a long recovery, Lee is cobbling like nothing happened.