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January 20, 1982. A day that would live in rock infamy. The day Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off of a live bat on stage in Iowa.


Or was it live? As the story goes, 17-year-old fan Mark Neal smuggled a bat into Ozzy’s concert in Des Moines. He threw it onto the stage and Ozzy picked it up. Thinking it was a rubber bat–fans were fond of throwing such things on stage during Ozzy’s sets in those days–he bit into it. Problem is, it was a real bat. Ozzy claims to this day it was alive; Neal maintains it was dead. Either way, history was made.


Flash-forward to present-day, and The Prince of Darkness has decided to commemorate the blessed event with a limited-edition plush bat…that you can bite the head off of.


Order yours soon; you know Ozzy’s fans will go batty and the plush will sell out soon.