KFC in Australia pulled a 15-second commercial after getting complaints that it’s sexist.  It features a woman in short-shorts and a cleavage-revealing top checking herself out in the reflection of a car’s tinted window.

Suddenly the window rolls down and you see a couple of teenage boys inside ogling her.  People said the ad “sexually objectified” the woman, so KFC pulled it and issued an apology, saying they “didn’t mean” to offend anyone.

KFC's Zinger Popcorn Box

This is a big one! With a Zinger Burger, Popcorn Chicken and all the classic sides, you'll settle into a peaceful Kentucky Fried Coma. This offer is not everywhere and not forever.


KFC apologizes for 'sexist' Australian ad featuring boys ogling woman's butt, breasts

KFC Australia has been accused of serving up buckets of sexism after a new commercial was criticized by a group campaigning against the objectification of women. The fast-food chain recently released a 15-second ad on YouTube for its Zinger Popcorn Box that opened with a scantily clad young woman checking herself out in the tinted windows of a parked car, unaware that anyone was inside the vehicle.