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A West Virginia man caught the attention of police when they noticed he had a HUGE bulge in pants.  An officer pulled him over to investigate this suspicious bulge, but what did it turn out to be?

When the officers pulled the man over they learned that the bulge was actually a medical condition!  It was a rare type of penile cancer that caused him to have a ‘large cauliflower-like mass’ covering his penis.  The reason the police gave for pulling the guy over is unknown.  You can see pictures of the growth at the link below.


Gruesome picture shows the 'cauliflower-like' tumour on man's penis

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: Doctors released a photo of the cancer The patient was diagnosed with a rare cancer thought to be caused by HPV He had to have chemotherapy and surgery to cut off his giant groin growths A man who got pulled over by the police was diagnosed with cancer on his penis after an officer became suspicious of a 'large bulge in his pants'.