Chester Bennington‘s pre-Linkin Park band Grey Daze is releasing their first re-worked track from their catalog.

Premiering at midnight on January 16, “What’s In The Eye” features the originally recorded vocals of Bennington. Per a press release, “What’s In The Eye” is about “…a friend’s premature death in a car accident and trying to understand the loss, relaying an emotional intensity that every listener will not only understand, but instantly connect with.” Bennington was just 17 when he recorded these vocals. Grey Daze’s first official single, “Sickness,” is due out February 5.

This track release follows the announcement back in December via Grey Daze’s Facebook page that the band was in the process of re-recording select songs from their two albums, 1994’s Wake Me and 1997’s …No Sun Today. 

The statement, which came from Bennington’s widow, Talinda, explained, “In February 2017, Chester and his bandmates began re-recording their music for a planned re-release of the band’s early music and by June, he announced that Grey Daze was reuniting and would be playing a 20th anniversary reunion show that fall. He was so enthusiastic about doing this, he was eager to play rock music and there were messages in those songs he knew would be meaningful to fans. It also meant a lot to him to be working with his Grey Daze bandmates, Sean Dowdell (with whom he had a very special friendship, and was a business partner in Club Tattoo) along with Mace Beyers, and Cristin Davis. He’d known them more than half of his life.

When Chester passed away, Grey Daze’s reunion seemed like an afterthought to everyone involved, they were suffering, I was suffering, and there were way too many emotions to work through before we could even think about what would happen to that project. Once the clouds lifted a bit, once we could focus on what Chester would want us to do, we looked for a way to continue what Chester was working on, the things he was proud of and wanted to share with his fans. The Grey Daze project is one of the ways we can continue to tell Chester’s story and connect with his fans.”


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