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Online blog Insider got all the details of what you could expect to see and experience in a members-only sex club in Manhattan.Inside of the NSFW (New Society For Wellness) members only sex club in New York you can find a large studio dimly lit with string lights, lounge areas decorated with pillows, a DJ spinning music, marijuana to smoke, a space for people to explore self-pleasure…or more!


At an exclusive Manhattan sex party, members can smoke weed, eat Haribo gummies, and have sex until 3 a.m.

On any given Friday and Saturday night, 60 or so New Yorkers descend upon NSFW, a members-only sex club in Manhattan. Consensual sexual experiences are the club's hallmark, but some people who attend NSFW's weekend "play parties" may not even have sex. They may mingle, smoke weed, or sip a cocktail.