British rock band Led Zeppelin, (left - right): John Paul Jones, John Bonham (1948 - 1980), Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, pose in front of an their private airliner The Starship, 1973. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Led Zeppelin had been set to play  here in Boston in February 1975, but a riot broke out when the tickets were put on sale a month earlier, causing the show’s cancellation. The city then imposed a ban on the band, which Jimmy Page only recently learned was put in place.

Marking the 45th anniversary of the would-be Garden concert, the legendary guitarist noted that it was news to him until he began researching the events around the incident. Police were called in to quell the crowds outside the box office. Then-mayor Kevin H. White forbid Zep from playing the venue for the next five years.

According Jimmy’s Facebook post, “I was blissfully unaware of any of these shenanigans, but the mayor was, by all accounts, a Rolling Stones fan!”

Raise your hand if you ever had to wait in line to buy concert tickets.  But not too fast, you don’t want to hurt yourself.